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Up for sale is a SUPER THINKPAD T430. This laptop has been heavily modified and supercharged with some of the best components that this generation of laptops can support.

List of modifications (“shes got it where it counts, kid!”)

  • Intel i7-3632QM Quad Core 35W TDP Processor (Best performance option for this model, not too much heat and still runs quiet)
  • Delta heatsink + fan single heat-pipe cherry picked fan and heatsink (Better fan and thicker heat-pipe than the Toshiba fan HSF).
  • Thermal Grizzly thermal paste properly applied on the CPU die and heatsink spreader (Better thermal performance).
  • Plastic fan chasis grills removed to increase airflow (chasis does not have fan grills and has very minor cracks around this area).
  • G.SKILL 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3L 2133MHz SODIMM memory modules. PC3L-17000S (HMT351S6BFR8C-H9). (Very rare, no longer on the market or produced, best memory selection for this model, as the HyperX model can have compatibility issues and is sometimes not detected in these ThinkPads).
  • 256GB Micron M600 MLC mSATA SSD. (This high durability SSD is equipped in the bottom bay and allows for additional storage expansion. SATAII max speeds).
  • 1TB Western Digital 7200RPM hard drive equipped in the standard side drive bay. Comes with original mounting equipment in this slot too.
  • Nimitz Caddy Adapter with unused mounting equipment. (This adapter allows a third drive to be used with the T430 at SATA3 speeds. It can fit up to a 15mm 2.5″ drive).
  • Original CD/DVD Lenovo optical drive is included with this listing as well. (If you don’t want to use the third drive bay for a HDD, you have the option to use the optical drive).
  • 9-Cell OEM Lenovo Battery with very high health.
  • 90W OEM Lenovo Power Supply (Allows the CPU and peripherals to operate ideally with additional power).
  • Unlocked BIOS using IvyRa1n unlock process. (The BIOS now supports more hardware options, removes Lenovo hardware white-lists, adds advanced BIOS configuration options and tweaking in all aspects of the system).
  • HD screen, not HD+ or FHD.
  • Non-backlit chicklet keyboard.
  • This system is not activated with Windows 10 x64 Pro. It was originally licensed with Windows 7, but it has no COA sticker. I tried to get activation to work after many hours on Win8 and Win10, but eventually just gave up. Screw you Microsoft. I personally ran this laptop with Ubuntu Linux.
  • Additional mods remaining for this: HD+ screen or FHD screen mod, which requires a new panel and cable or a kit. Make sure to disconnect battery and power supply if you do this! Classic keyboard mod could be done with this model too or just swap for a backlit keyboard.

Thanks for looking!

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 3 in