Liberty Prime A five-star outlet for computer systems and other goods.
A five-star outlet for computer systems and other goods.

About Us

Liberty Prime is a five-star outlet for technology and various merchandise. Our business works with many partners and distributors to meet our customer’s needs and satisfaction. The proprietorship operates primary in the business technology sector providing consulting expertise and business equipment for consumers and businesses.


Liberty Prime is based in the United States, in Illinois, and has been in operation since 2008 in the e-commerce industry. Liberty Prime has grown to become an expert in the technology & business retail market. Our enterprise offers essential products that provide premium value and utility to people’s lives and their businesses.

Customer Satisfaction

Liberty Prime consistently provides exceptional customer satisfaction. We do this primary through a strategic offering of technical expertise, high-quality products, accurate descriptions, fast delivery times, and excellent customer support. Liberty Prime has earned a stellar reputation with its customers as a reliable and preferred vendor. But you don’t need to take our word for it. Our customers have left us nearly 300 positive reviews in just the last year!

Liberty Prime currently has a 5 out of 5 star rating on eBay and nearly 2,000 positive reviews!

Environmental Impact

Liberty Prime’s operations in electronics liquidation helps keep e-waste to a minimum. This is a process that we like to call “e-cycling”. By reducing the amount of harmful electronic waste produced, Liberty Prime directly contributes towards creating a cleaner environment and a more sustainable future for society.

Working Together

Liberty Prime utilizes a network of vendors and suppliers to provide our customers with the products they need. We strive to create professional relationships with suppliers to build beneficial and invaluable partnerships. Liberty Prime provides useful technology to people who need it and will put it to good use.